Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Javascript experiment - part one

It's been a couple of months since my last writing and, despite the lack of posts, something has happened.

I have jumped into the javascript world!

I would never have thought about javascript as my next language to learn. Actually, I always though about javascript as a sort of lame-language... don't know really why... Maybe because of all the times that I've been tricked in some "funny" web page that started to endlessly popping up annoying message boxes.

However, when one of my most respectable colleague gave me some hints about this language, I decided to give javascript a chance.
The most attractive thing about javascript is obviously that, together with HTML5, it can run on every machine supporting at least one of the many available modern web browsers... And I'm not just talking about personal computers with different operating systems, but also about mobile and tablet devices.

"No deploy, no multi platform issues, write once run everywhere... really everywhere!"

This is what I was dreaming just before starting my adventure :)

Now, obviously, my dream has been resized by the reality that such a language is an Utopia. In the next blogpost (I think it will not take too long) I'll tell you of my first HTML5-javascript experience.

In the meantime I can suggest the Javascript: The Good Parts book to anyone looking for a enough in deep overview about the javascript "good features".

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